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Cé Marina is an illustrator specialized in telling brand’s unique stories in a visual, colorful and engaging way.

Cé studied graphic design and visual communication in her hometown in Bolivia. After finishing her studies with an honours degree, she began working to gain experience in her sector in Bolivia. Cé moved to Barcelona to pursue her dreams and study a master’s degree in Branding at ELISAVA. Over the years Barcelona has become her home.

Her experience in graphic design and branding, allows her to have a global vision when working on a project. She is passionate about drawing characters, inventing stories and creating colour palettes. In each illustration she leaves a little piece of her heart.

*If you know Cé, you know perfectly well that vegan sushi is her weakness.

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Live painting illustration
Editorial illustration
Illustration systems
Onboarding illustrations


Workshop Barcelona Dibuixa 2022
Adobe University Workshop:
How to create engaging presentations in Adobe XD



Besides working on client projects, I also make educational content as a Top Teacher on Skillshare.
These are some of my published classes:

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I am a left handed illustrator born in La Paz, Bolivia.
Since I was a child I’ve always loved to express myself by drawing. Despite the fact that I was in love with art, I felt it was better to take the graphic design path. After 3+ years of work experience, I thought that I needed a break and wanted to explore even more further. I had a dream and thought it was the right time to fulfill it. I packed my bags and crossed the Atlantic to do a Master in Branding at Elisava School of Design in Barcelona. During the master’s degree, I fell in love with Barcelona and ended up creating my home here.
However, some thoughts about art and painting were still in my head. I am a total intuition person, so I followed my gut and decided to take a leap in freelance illustration by combining what I’ve learnt during the years.

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More info about the services I offer:

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