#onepaletteamonth: April 2020

I know we are experiencing hard times, the Covid-19 is challenging us in every aspect of our lives. It ain’t easy but I think is the opportunity to practice patience while adapting to the current situation.

Today I wanted to bring a little spark to the end of month:
one of the thingsI love the most when illustratingis the moment where I get to choose thecolor palette. So I though that each month, I’ll share my favorite color palette with the illustration where I use it.

I’ll wrote the color codes so it’s easier to use 😉
· #FDDA64
· #EA6852
· #316CF4
· #2A46C8

Have fun and don’t hesitate to comment or suggest new colors, there are a lot of palettes and months to share!

I hope both you and yours are all well.


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