#onepaletteamonth: May 2020

T his is a new edition of #onepaletteamonth.
I hope quarantine is productive for you all! I’ve been learning a lot through these months and although sometimes I feel it’s like a roller-coaster, I have realized better days are coming.

Feel free to use the colors and please don’t forget to show me the designs, illustrations or whatever you did with the palette! I’ll be thrilled! 🔥😃

I’ll wrote the color codes so it’s easier to use 😉
· #E06E3C
· #06A897
· #D0E0D7
· #B35025
· #ECA484

Have fun and don’t hesitate to comment or suggest new colors, there are a lot of palettes and months to share!

I hope both you and yours are all well.


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