Adobe Creative Residency Community Fund 2020

I was selected to be a 2020 Adobe Recipient for the Adobe Creative Residency Community Fund. I was commissioned to create illustrations promoting the new Adobe Illustrator Beta app for the Ipad.
While I was creating the illustrations, I was able to test the app, suggest new features and also provide feedback to the Illustrator for Ipad beta team. AMAZING experience!

Concept proposal: Paradise

There are some places where the mind can take us while we are meditating or dreaming. We immerse ourselves and swim in the ocean of fantastic worlds created by our imagination. I believe that internal knowledge is a great key to reach those places that simply give us peace and allow us to connect with ourselves.

One of the things I like to do when drawing in Illustrator is to build curious places using isometric illustrations. So, for this project, I drew a series of 3 immersive situations that may not exist in reality but can inhabit our imagination. 

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