Parcs Naturals

Animals illustration series

Campaign proposal

I was invited to illustrate a series of animals in their habitat for ‘La xarxa de Parcs Naturals’ (Natural Parks of Catalonia) campaign launched after two years of the Covid-19 lockdown.

When the quarantine was over, the natural spaces of Catalonia received a greater influx of visitors compared to previous years. The main goal was to achieve a balance between enjoying the experience of being in nature and raising awareness among the population to maintain attitudes of respect towards the natural environment and its inhabitants.

The aim was to generate an emotional connection inspired by the chorus of the iconic Catalan song “Qualsevol Nit Pot Sortir El Sol” by Jaume Sisa:

     “oh, benvinguts, passeu passeu… que casa meva és casa vostra si és que hi ha cases d’algú”

        ‘oh, welcome, come in, come in…my house is your house, if there are anyone’s houses

animals, illustration, mockup, graphic proposal

The graphic proposal aims to amplify and enhance the greatness and biodiversity of Catalonia, the welcoming invite, coexistence, and respect. The illustrations are inspired by graphic novel style: narratives with high-impact illustrations, expressiveness and contrast of tones with overlapping spots of color, usually aimed at a more demanding audience, young and adult.

The visual narrative of the message was worked through two levels of communication: from generic to the specific. What we first perceive is lush nature but, what happens when we take a closer look? We find objects that do not belong there.

illustration, animals, city street placement, campaign

illustration, animals, details, color palette, closeup

Besides the main printed banners, the proposal included adaptations to other formats such as social media images, Instagram filters, web banners, and spot clips.

social media, visuals application

animals, illustration, video, adaptations

Concept & Art Direction: Núria Sierra, Sara Silva Santos
Illustration: Cé Marina
Barcelona, 2022
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