This is a selection of personal GIFs made during 2019


Game Over
We are consuming more natural resources than our world is capable of regenerate or renovate every year. By doing so we are only accelerating the Game Over for our planet. We are still on time to make an effort to change our daily eating habits and preserve our home.

Carpe Diem
This is just simple, right?

La vie quotidienne: the metro on summer days
I did this animation to relate to all women that had been through the uncomfortable situation on waiting the metro on summer days.

Hello Dribbble!
This is a GIF I did to celebrate an invitation to be part of this amazing platform!

La vie quotidienne: back to classics
La vie quotidienne is a personal project about the daily life situations I see on the street or I live in my own personal time as a human (haha). I did this to refer the “back to classic fashion” on our modern days.


Muse of empowerment
This is an illustrated GIF I made for a contest about women being their own muses of empowerment.


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