La Pastisseria – packaging illustration

Project: Packaging illustration
 La Pastisseria

Art Direction: Drakus Agency

I was commissioned to create an illustration that would serve as a visual representation of a bottle of Cava packaging. (Cava is a name commonly used to refer a sparkling wine in Spain).
The illustration intends to show the main spots, characters and interactions between the people in Terrassa.

The first step as usual, is to do a research about the city, their people, main monuments, and how the people interacts with each other. After doing that, I create a moodboard to use as a reference.
Terrassa is a city located at west of Barcelona, in the Vallès Occidental region. Is the catalan capital of jazz, traditional castellets and modernist buildings.

Base sketch

Color proof
As a requirement, in the illustration, I had to create a contrast between the background and a main color line. The images below are some examples of the color contrast.

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