Stories by Xenia
Papercut Stop Motion Animation

This is an animation depicting the story of a mystery game. The mission of the players is to discover the suspect in the murder of a girl in Vienna.

The Process
The project started by defining the look and feel of the scenes. The props were initially made as illustrations, and then the set and characters were meticulously assembled on paper.
Except for the elements of the game and the interaction montage, the entire animation stop-motion was made on paper.

stop motion animation, buildings, papercut



frame, stop motion animation, office


viena, skyline, illustration, stop motion animation

girl walking

inspector, illustration

police car

shelf illustration

Behind the scenes

paper cut, illustration

Tiny paper cut, hand

inspector, illustration, papercut

lamp, illustration, papercut

papercut, door, animation

set, animation, papercut

papercut, door, building, animation

window, papercut, textures

Art Direction & Illustration: Cé Marina
CD, Storytelling, Papercraft, Stop Motion, and Postproduction: Águeda Peña
Sound & music: Ivo Santos
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