Hi! We are Cé Marina Studio, a creative Barcelona
based place where illustrations and infographics
are our main tool. We transform information,
and emotions into unique and colored visuals.

What we do:

Illustrations and infographics to:
🔹 Inform how services works.
🔹 Reinforce the content of an article.
🔹 Create visual systems for educational content.
🔹 Transform data and concepts into visual storytelling.

  • We help brands engage with the audience and increase their value.

  • We always try to innovate and be curious about new styles and tools. Our passion for creativity leads us to be in constant evolution.

  • Our versatile style adapts to each project.

  • We work together with other creative people like animators, 3D experts, designers and photographers to make the best results for each project.

This infographic shows the big picture of the services we offer. To clarify them one by one plus real examples, we designed a catalog which you can download by clicking here.

How we work:

We work with:

BBVA (ES), IMB School  (ES), Noken (USA), Autoocupació (ES), CREAF (ES), Drivvisor (ES), 121 Consultores (ES)


We appear in:


Don’t hesitate to contact us for projects, collaborations or just to say hi! 🙂


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