Alexandra Planella: web design & illustration

Under the name of Liberadora de Sueños, Alexandra created her new business specialized in mentoring.
She wants to help people to follow their professional dreams and guide them in their first steps as entrepreneurs.

Illustrated assets

As a part of the project, I developed illustrated assets to complement the explanation of the services and the essence of the brand (mission, vision, values).

The concept used in almost all illustrations is based on showing the actions of different profiles of entrepreneurs such as a chef, a fashion designer, a man who seeks to open a new coffee place, a dancer-to-be, etc. Illustrations are simple, linear, and expressive.

In the scenes of services such as Business Plan and Mentoring there are two characters, the entrepreneur and on the other hand Alexandra who acts as the guide.

Web design
I’ve wanted the navigation of the web to be as easy as possible, so I played with the color palette to create the division of sections on each page.

Infographic design for the page “Mi Historia”

Illustration: Cé Marina Studio
Web development: Paula Vidal

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