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La ciutat dels 5 milions

The ‘Compromís Metropolità 2030’, the result of the process Barcelona Demà is the new strategic plan for the region metropolitan area of ​​Barcelona. It is geared towards boosting a new model of prosperity, based on knowledge and innovation, which reduces social inequalities and territorial in the metropolitan region and place it as one of the leading metropolises in the fight against the climate emergency.

This strategic plan is composed by 8 missions aimed at promoting economic and social progress for the metropolitan region of Barcelona. I was in charge of translating each of the mission concepts in 8 illustrations.

– Economia innovadora i inclusiva (Innovative and Inclusive Economy)
– Nivells de renda suficients (Enough Income Levels)
– Emergència ambiental i climàtica (Environmental and Climate Emergency)
– Mobilitat sostenible i segura (Sustainable and Safe Mobility)
– Alimentació saludable (Healthy Eating)
– Cohesió territorial (Territorial Cohesion)
– Habitatge adequat (Adequate Housing)
– Vitalitat cultural (Cultural Vitality)

Live Painting presentations

During the month of September, the project was presented in 8 municipalities of the Barcelona metropolitan region: Rubí, Mollet del Vallès, Mataró, Santa Perpètua de Mogoda, Santa Coloma de Gramenet, Vilanova i la Geltrú, El Prat de Llobregat and Martorell.

I accompanied the 8 presentations painting live the representative illustration of the day’s mission and to culminate each act, in addition to showing the final result, I commented on what could be seen in each illustration.

After the events, these were digitalised and incorporated in a summary dossier.

presentation, live painting, illustrator

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painting, close image, illustrator

painting, illustrator, colors, acrylic markers

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painting, live, illustrator

markers, painting live, illustrator, colors

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About color and the tools.
Each mission uses two main colors from the corporate palette of 9. I challenged myself to play with a reduced palette of 5 for each illustration. Two main colors + other three that combines harmoniously.

The experience painting with acrylic markers was truly spectacular. The texture and boldness of color accomplished with these materials made each of the pieces come to life.​​​​​​​

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Client: Pla Estratègic Metropolità de Barcelona (PEMB)
Concept: PEMB, Cé Marina / Illustration and live painting: Cé Marina
More information about Compromís Metropolità 2030 here.
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