Time flies en un plis plas: illustrated article

I must admit that new technologies have made the connection between our loved ones, friends and even with our work much easier.

However, there is a constant bombardment of things to do, activities to attend, restaurants to eat, movies to watch, series to stay up until 3 am, concerts where all you see is people recording videos. Crowded bars and anxious people counting the minutes so that the diners in front of them leave and take the table.  New cellphones every season, chat here and there, new friends, scroll, scroll and more scroll… I don’t know anymore how many people have I encountered on the street walking like robots without looking at their destination. So I wonder, at what point have we forgotten to enjoy our time and let screens absorbed us?

Perhaps it is time to learn to be alone, to enjoy ourselves and to feel the peace that there is no one else at that time. Perhaps there is no need to be accompanied or connected to someone. Perhaps it is time to enjoy time in its purest essence.


This is my reflection based on the article of J. Kulume, “The speed of time” · www.rethinksapiens.com

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